His Holy Presence

I went to Choir practice. At first, it was strange – my partner was asked to take a seat and I was left standing in the back of the room, with my dear friend. I felt like she and I stood out like two very tall sore thumbs. So instead of standing (out) we looked for open seats and not finding any, we ended up sitting on the floor feeling even MORE conspicuous. Not really what I was going for – on my first night back to rehearsal in a month. I fully expected the Choir Director to say ever so sweetly in his microphone, “Ladies, please sit in chairs.”

But no embarrassing moment came, although I felt like a grownup teenage rebel – purposefully drawing attention to myself by committing an oddball act of “crashing” on the floor, and then playing it off like I’m the biggest badass in the place!! Pffff. I felt awkward sitting in the back of the room on the floor and I wanted to leave, but my ride had been nearly escorted into a chair by a guy who doesn’t seem to like seeing the two of us together. No joke. He acts a bit cold towards my partner but with me he is always friendly.
For a good part of the rehearsal I was antsy to leave, but it wasn’t until our Director shared his testimony, and we sang a powerful worship song, and were lead into prayer when it happened. The presence of God came upon me and brought me to tears. “You’ve been so good to me Lord,” was all I could say, over and over again.

I’m so glad I pushed myself to go to rehearsal. God was waiting for me to show up.

About ishamisha

I am a mix of so many things, I can't begin to narrow it down, but I can tell you that I have equal opposites living inside me: calm and crazy, quiet and loud, serious and humorous, formal and casual. I'm big on showing love, and I have issues with myself and others...LOL. All my various personality traits will reveal themselves on this blog...just wait, and you'll see what I'm talking about.
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