Time to post again

I’m about half way through the 30 day challenge of posting everyday. So far, it’s been fairly easy to find subjects to talk about. This morning, I’m feeling a bit stumped. This could be the result of not getting enough sleep.

Or I could be silent because the thing that is on my mind is not something I’m ready (or willing) to share.

I’ve got a bunch of chores to do today, but I’m feeling extremely lazy. I thought Sundays were supposed to be a day of rest??!! Well, today I need to crack the whip. It’s time I finally got up and got productive.

Hope you have an awesome day!! 😉

About ishamisha

I am a mix of so many things, I can't begin to narrow it down, but I can tell you that I have equal opposites living inside me: calm and crazy, quiet and loud, serious and humorous, formal and casual. I'm big on showing love, and I have issues with myself and others...LOL. All my various personality traits will reveal themselves on this blog...just wait, and you'll see what I'm talking about.
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