A particular Airline

There is an airline I use when I travel simply because it goes to an airport that is the most convenient for me to use. And only this Airline flies to that airport.

But it is the Airline’s antiquated system around seating, that doesn’t serve the passengers at all. In fact, I believe it is used to benefit the Airline and the manner in which they sell out planes. Instead of assigning the passenger a seat when you purchase a ticket – they provide you with a confirmation number. With that number, you can go online 24 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart to receive a boarding pass. This boarding pass assigns you a number. That number is used at the Airport when they begin boarding passengers on the plane. The passengers line up in numerical order, and once inside the aircraft, there is open seating and you are free to sit wherever you can find an empty seat. But that doesn’t mean there will be an empty overhead bin nearby for you to place your bag – the people who boarded before you, will get to that overhead bin first!!
This open seating breeds greed and panic in passengers and if you ever want to witness “it’s all about ME” behavior/mentality here you will find it in spades. Like “move out of the way Grandma with a cane” I’ve got to find a seat before I die of stress. It stresses everyone out and makes us all hunter/gatherers in an age where being at the Airport is no longer the glamorous position it use to be – to be traveling to another location by airplane now, is similar to being cattle being shipped to a farm.
Being at the Airport nowadays, going through security, finding your gate (especially when you’re late) finding something to eat, can be an unfriendly (rude) awakening to the lack of kindness we people show each other.
I am going to be the change I want to see in this world. Even though the system is set-up where “number 1” is all that matters, I am going to be courteous, helpful, generous, and show some teeth (in a good way!).
Let’s take back Humanity, humans. Let’s treat each other the way we want to be treated. Let’s not go along with a system that is designed to divide us. Let’s come together as a whole.
After all, this is the season of Thanksgiving and gratitude. Let’s let our HEARTS shine.
Peace out !

About ishamisha

I am a mix of so many things, I can't begin to narrow it down, but I can tell you that I have equal opposites living inside me: calm and crazy, quiet and loud, serious and humorous, formal and casual. I'm big on showing love, and I have issues with myself and others...LOL. All my various personality traits will reveal themselves on this blog...just wait, and you'll see what I'm talking about.
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