Back when I was a teenager, my best friend use to call me Isha. My last name starts with an M, and is two syllables just like my first name, so “ishamisha” was born by combining the two.

I am a daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, a mom to my cat, a yoga teacher, a member of the choir, a lifelong pescatarian, a nature lover, an advocate for children and animals, and an unapologetic and opinionated New Yorker!

I am passionate about food, travel, romance, the arts, laughing, kissing, long walks, the ocean, going on retreats, and photography.  And I am always intrigued by the following subjects: love, inner peace, faith, inspiration, joy, and enlightenment.

I believe in God and I love Jesus.


One Response to About

  1. TEE TEE says:

    this was so beautiful!! I’m so glad we met and are great at laughing together!! 🙂 LOVE YOU

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