American Music Awards

I don’t own a TV – on purpose. But while I’ve been home in NY, I’ve watched a little bit of TV and tonight was the AMA’s.
Two words…Oy Vey!! I should say I suffered through it, I didn’t just watch.
The AMA’s were fairly disappointing – just the usual garbage that passes for entertainment. The only performance I loved was Rihanna’s. That was perfect in my book, and I loved the way she danced while she sang – it seemed like she was paying homage to her motherland – or at least – not following the stripper style of dancing that is all the rage for selling one’s music.
Go ahead, call me a prude! I dare you to. For the record, I am not a prude – but I have strong opinions about how women present themselves to get attention/approval/or to be “sexy.”
Look at the performance by Kesha, back-up dancers, and Pitbull…that was ridiculous in my opinion. JLo – I get it – she was paying homage to Celia Cruz. Lady Gaga – was imitating Marilyn Monroe. But, Marilyn Monroe had way more class than any of the wannabes tonight (I’m not including Rihanna at all – she is in a class by herself). Miley Cyrus-again, two words, puh- lease! She looked downright icky. I guess she didn’t learn a thing from her last public appearance at the VMA’s. Taylor Swift – omg! So, so thin. Is being emaciated really sexy?
Oh my gosh, what on earth are we women doing to ourselves to look attractive? It’s pretty sad.
So yeah, I’m happy I don’t own a TV…I am not missing a thing – except for how we often accept total junk as entertainment. And we seem to be eating it up as if it’s exciting, inspiring, or fun. Well …in my book, it’s not.
Call me crazy, but music and the people who create & perform it can change our world – in a really good way. But the means by which it seems to be done now – is like teeny bopper music machine gone mad – young kids selling out for their 15 minutes of fame.
I grew up listening to LEGENDS. Tonight’s show seems like gumball machine trinkets in comparison to musicians of the past.
Just my opinionated opinion.


About ishamisha

I am a mix of so many things, I can't begin to narrow it down, but I can tell you that I have equal opposites living inside me: calm and crazy, quiet and loud, serious and humorous, formal and casual. I'm big on showing love, and I have issues with myself and others...LOL. All my various personality traits will reveal themselves on this blog...just wait, and you'll see what I'm talking about.
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